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What is Bizpopuli?

Bizpopuli comes from the fusion of the term Biz and the phrase voxpopuli.

Biz is the phonetic spelling of the first syllable of "business" and is used as an acronym for this.
Voxpopuli means 'voice of the people' as a 'rumour in everyone's mouth'

Therefore Bizpopuli wants to be the voice of the people in your business. And help business to understand and facilitate customer and users needs.

Let's make this a little more real and concise.

Feature request module

The feature module enables direct comunication between business actors with users or customers at a little fraction of his development cost.

This allow the users to vote existing features, comment, ask for new features, ask for problem resolution or new points of view for known problems.

Powered by Bizpopuli

From the bussinness point of view allow to efectively comunicate current product status, development and roadmap.

Powered by Bizpopuli

Every change at one feature proposal will be noticed to all involved persons, like feature writer, users with comments, users with votes here. This allows a fast and intuitive feedback to all involved parts. Encouraging participation in the process of all parties and improving ROI by taking steps agreed with the user base. It also has a key advantage over competition, being able to solve the needs of customers quickly and effectively.

All the feature proposals have an associated status which indicates where in the whole procces is this feature. Powered by Bizpopuli By default a new proposal have "Submitted" status, but the administrator can modify this.

Supported status:

  • Completed
  • Started
  • Planned
  • Under review
  • Submitted
  • Declined

This status can be filtered for a more effective search. And completed status is disabled by default to facilitate user experience.

Powered by Bizpopuli

Also this is useful to generate a comprensive list of features solved between a time interval, like one concrete version.

Take a look at our wishlist.

New modules

New modules are comming.

Also new proposals are higly welcome.

Please add your proposals here.

How to integrate Bizpopuli to your web site.

Is really easy to integrate Bizpopulito your web site.

After contacting ( by email: ) with Bizpopuli a new bizpopuli subdomain will be activated with the desired name. e.g.

This subdomain can be linked to you website, dinamically loaded, or other similar methods.

Go to the navbar wishlist link or click here to take a look, and start using this.


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